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Devils@Cradle can cater for professional and amateur film makers alike, with the option of filming our captive Tasmanian devils and quolls in large natural enclosures, day or night. In addition our Cradle Mountain property boasts a range of natural habitat ranging from sub-alpine grasslands to mixed wet eucalyptus forest and cool temperate rainforest. The property is home to an abundance of native wildlife where you have the opportunity to film wild animals such as devil, quoll, wombat, wallaby and possum all at our door step

Devils @Cradle can cater for all your wildlife filming and photography needs, offering experienced and knowledgeable guides with both scientific, and intimate local knowledge. Need accommodation … we can provide onsite accommodation for small to large film crews, why not maximise your time spent in Tasmania filming wildlife.

‘Whilst we have hosted many documentary film crews over the years, in 2018 we were lucky enough to be a part of the David Attenborough documentary WILD TASMANIA’.


Filming rates are based on the below:
1 Hour
Half Day
Full Day

For more information, rates and logistics.

Email: or Phone: + 03 64 92 1491

David Attenborough documentary WILD TASMANIA’


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Adoption of our animals helps our conservation efforts tremendously & makes a great gift.