Devil and Quoll Sponsorship


Sponsorship programs are a great way to support this endangered species and a perfect corporate or private gift. Funds go towards supporting the sponsored animal for either a period of 12 months, or an ongoing annual payment for the duration of it’s life.

What you will receive:

  • Exclusive Naming Rights
  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Large photo of your sponsored animal
  • Thank you letter from the CEO of Devils@Cradle Wade Anthony
  • Sponsorship announcement/acknowledgement on our Facebook page
  • 6 x General Entry/Day keeper tickets (valid for 2 years)
  • Species fact card
  • Devils at Cradle sanctuary information
  • E-newsletters
  • Animal and sanctuary updates posted on Facebook/Instagram
  • Personalised updates of your sponsored animal with images/media you can use in your business online marketing


Thanks to all past and current sponsors! Your support has been a great assistance to us and directly supported our conservation work. In just a few years the sanctuary has established itself well within the zoological industry and is supported by Tourism Tasmania as a key attraction at iconic Cradle Mountain.

Corporates or individuals can exclusively sponsor an animal for 12 months or for their life whilst at the Sanctuary. During this time the funds will assist with veterinary assessments and supplies, daily food and husbandry requirements and future planning for the life of the animal such as enclosures, breeding requirements and transportation.

Devils of various ages can be adopted at the sanctuary, however newborn joey devils are normally ready to sponsor early in the new year so be sure to ask about them.

Each individual animal will have a different future and requirements, some will be retained at Devils@Cradle for our CBP (captive breeding program) and some will be transported to other institutions to assist with the nation-wide Insurance Population.

Please ask us about how we can tailor a sponsorship package to suit your requirements, we will always endeavour to accommodate your needs as best we can!

These funds go towards covering the costs of maintaining a Tasmanian Devil or Eastern Quoll in our sanctuary, which for devils forms part of the nation-wide Captive Breeding Program (CBP) called the ‘Insurance Population’. This CBP is managed by the Zoological and Aquariums Association (ZAA) in coordination with the Tasmanian Governments ‘Save the Tasmanian Devil Program’ (STTDP) and is vital to ensure the genetic diversity held within Australian Institutions and the future of the species. Eastern Quoll sponsorship funds contribute to the Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program, founded here at the sanctuary in 2008.

Please note: As part of the above programs, we are required to transfer breeding animals annually to partnering facilities, therefore we cannot guarantee that your sponsored animal will stay at our sanctuary for the duration of your sponsorship, or it’s lifespan. Please contact us for further information on this prior to committing to sponsoring an animal.  



Sponsored by Susie De Carteret of Tasmanian Odyssey

panupiri (sun)

In palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines

Sponsored by APA

manina (earth)

In palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines

Sponsored by APA

layna (fresh water)

In palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian Aborigines

Sponsored by APA


Sponsored by Nev, Lyndal, Marlee, Cardie and Jemma Green


Sponsored by 1Medical


Sponsored by Tim Mason and Sarah Spottiswood


Sponsored by Prochem Agencies


Sponsored by Prochem Agencies


Sponsored by Aston Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 



Sponsored by Aston Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 



Sponsored by Aston Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 



Sponsored by Brenda and John Price


Sponsored by Christine & Derek Barnes


Sponsored by VSS Training & Consulting 



Sponsored by Leanne Lindsay Images for Pru


Sponsored by the Wong Family

“Toni Quollette”

Sponsored by Bin & Jess Morrison

“Axl Rose”

Sponsored by Anne Prather


Sponsored by Keep Tassie Wild


Sponsored by Keep Tassie Wild


Sponsored by Cradle Mountain Helicopters


Sponsored by Guy & Alison Nation

“King Billy”

Sponsored by Gondwana Ecology Group


Sponsored by Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village for Kate

“Daenerys Targaryen”, “Arya Stark” & “Gregor Clegane”

Sponsored by Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village


Sponsored by Plasson


Sponsored by Plasson


Sponsored by Elisa Colombano


Sponsored by PIGMENT – Monica Reeve


Sponsored by Faction Consulting


Sponsored by Marinova



Sponsored by Niki McFaul



Sponsored by Sparks Family


Sponsored by Cathy Addison-Wilson and Greg Martin


Sponsored by Holly Dodd for Arna


Sponsored by Allanah & Andrew Bryan


Sponsored by Nikki Fox


Sponsored by Woolnorth Tours


Sponsored by Business Innovation


Sponsored by Stephen Lovell


Sponsored by Sandra Pekez


Sponsored by Mod Fitness 24/7