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Date of Birth: 2021

Sex: Female
Origin: WILD – (Central Tasmania)
Mother: WILD – “Ella”
Father: WILD
Offspring: 0 (for now …)


Poochie is a wild born female that arrived at the sanctuary in 2021! As an animal born in the wild to two wild parents, she is not related to any of the animals currently living within the Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program, which makes her genetics incredibly important to ongoing breeding conservation work for her species. She is potentially going to be a first time mum in 2022.


She was partially hand-reared (assisted weaning) by one of our keepers, and as such is pretty relaxed and confident around people, unlike he shier sister Tui. She LOVES her food and for an animal that has come from the wild, she has adapted really well to her new home at Devils@Cradle!


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