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Date of Birth: 2020

Sex: Male
Origin: Captive bred (Devils@Cradle)
Mother: Bellevue
Father: Jasper
Offspring: 0


Fergus is one of three joeys born to first time mum Bellevue in 2020. He currently resides in one of our largest enclosures with his brother Apollo L and half-brothers T-Rex and Fandangles and occasionally makes appearances on our 1PM Day Feeding or After Dark Feeding tours. He is one of our shyer devils, often hanging around in the background while his enclosure mates feed and then typically cleans up the scraps. His gently and shy nature has won over the keepers though, who sometimes give him his own special “Fergus Snacks”.  Along with his sweet character, he has a scar on his lip from an old ‘disagreement’ which makes him easily distinguishable from the others.


Fergus has been sponsored and named by N. Fox from NSW.


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