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Sex: Male
Date of Birth: June 2021
Origin: Captive bred (Devils@Cradle)
Mother: Boudicea

Father: Linc
Offspring: 0


Barnsey was born in 2021 and was the only joey in his litter. He was hand-raised as part of our Ambassador Program and when he was young, he was a regular on our Joey Encounters. Barnsey was sponsored and named by the Barnes family (no – not the famous one), and even though he is not named after our Aussie legend, he still has a good set of lungs on him! As he was raised without any litter mates, when he was finally introduced to the others in his age cohort, he was a bit shy, often resorting to loud displays to tell them to go away. He has since gained a lot more confidence (and sass), but still uses his voice to let you know when he is not happy. Barnsey is now three years old and heading into his first breeding season. He has already shown good instincts, so we are eager to see the outcome.


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Full Sponsorship, General Adoption