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$50.00 / year

Date of Birth: 2019

Sex: Female
Origin: Captive bred (Devils@Cradle)
Mother: Indigo
Father: Opie
Offspring: 0


“Wattle” is one of our newest Spotted-tail quoll residents, born just this year in mid July, to first time mum “Indigo”. She is one of several females in this litter, and as a result of being partially hand reared by staff, is increadibly inquisitive and relaxed around her handlers and loves to sit on their shoulders! She will be making her first appearances on our Joey Encounter tour over the months ahead.


What you will receive:

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Photo of your adopted animal
  • Species fact card
  • Devils at Cradle sanctuary information
  • E-newsletters
  • Animal and sanctuary updates posted on Facebook

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