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Date of Birth: 2022

Sex: Female
Origin: Captive bred (Devils@Cradle)
Mother: Talisa
Father: Rowdy
Offspring: 0


Squizz has been one of our hand-reared animals in 2022, becoming a very important part of the Ambassador Program for Tasmanian devils. She was a big part of our Joey Encounter last year, helping keepers teach guests the softer side of Tasmanian devils. She has since been sponsored by Cradle Mountain Helicopters and named after one of their aircraft!

She is very much an adult now but has retained her friendly and cheeky nature, following her keepers around her enclosure and occasionally giving them cheeky nips on their boots. Now two years old, Squizz is heading into her first breeding season so hopefully there will be a handful of little Squizz’s running soon.



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Full Sponsorship, General Adoption