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Date of Birth: April 2023

Sex: Male
Origin: Captive bred (Devils@Cradle)
Mother: Bridie
Father: Cub
Offspring: 0


Young Noah is as pretty as his namesake (rockstar Noah Sebastian), and just as suave. He is a massive cuddle bug with his human mum Sarah, and practically jumps into her arms for snuggles. He is also the best big brother, being very protective of his sister Sabrina, often sticking up for her when she gets into squabbles (that she starts) with her enclosure mates. Noah is currently one of our superstars of the After Dark Feeding Tours, Joey Encounters, and Day Keeper Tours.


What you will receive:

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Photo of your adopted animal
  • Species fact card
  • Devils at Cradle sanctuary information
  • E-newsletters
  • Animal and sanctuary updates posted on Facebook
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