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Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 2021
Origin: Captive bred (Devils@Cradle)
Mother: Akasha
Father: Alfie
Offspring: None


Lilley is a Sanctuary favourite of our Eastern quolls. She was named by Guy and Alison of Brisbane, QLD after visiting the Sanctuary and not being able to leave until she received a name. ❤

She is a small and shy animal around people but doesn’t hold back when facing other quolls at dinner. She’s even won when taking on our biggest boy Prosser, dragging big chunks of food off him to eat undisturbed. For a little quoll, she certainly packs a punch in personality!


What you will receive:

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Photo of your adopted animal
  • Species fact card
  • Devils at Cradle sanctuary information
  • E-newsletters
  • Animal and sanctuary updates posted on facebook
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